What makes Nitrogen So Special?

It is not.  In fact, it is exactly what nitrogen "isn't" that makes it such a beneficial inflation product. Nitrogen is an inert gas, so by definition, it is "nothing," and that is exactly what you want in your tires: nothing, except proper pressure.

Nitrogen has been used for years in the airline industry, military vehicles, 
over-the-road fleets and trucks, professional racing. Nitrogen is a non-flammable gas, that is actually used in fire extinguishers.

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Features of nitrogen filled tires include:
• Less loss of tire pressure 
• Increased fuel economy due to stable tire pressures.
• Increased tire life due to stable tire pressures.
• Helps prevent uneven tire wear, extending the life of the tire.
• Tires run cooler by decreasing rolling resistance.
• Reduces wheel corrosion, as nitrogen is dry vs. compressed air that contains  

RAU Nitrogen


 Important facts:

Fact 1: Nitrogen reacts to air temperatures at 1/10th that of compressed air.
If the outside air changes 40 degrees, tires can fluctuate 4 lbs of pressure.  
The same scenario with a nitrogen filled tire would fluctuate just 4/10ths 
of one pound.  The immediate difference in safety and stability 
is tremendous. Also, the savings on tires and fuel is just an added bonus.

Fact 2: Nitrogen molecules are 4X larger than oxygen.  Since its not a 
solid surface, it greatly reduces the possibility of air pressure 
escaping through the tire material.

Promote the Safety and Stability of your tires to avoid untimely breakdowns!


Rau Nitrogen Generators and Filling Stations:

We offer several levels of equipment for your Nitrogen filling needs.  
Most services, even on the larger truck tires, will take just 5-9 minutes in total.  A typical multipoint inspection requires checking/setting tire pressures.  
Nitrogen service adds a very small amount of time to the most routine 
services, and adds a whole new level of customer retention and revenue.

Many new cars today come from the factory with nitrogen.